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  • ITI in a Glance!

    ITI in a Glance!


    Information Technology Institute is a pioneering national institute. Ever since its founding over two decade ago; ITI has provided a large pool of promising youth with world-class human capacity building programs, hands-on training and an exposure to the latest technology trends and developments to support the IT professional workplace with potential calibers.

    ITI's headquarter is located in the technology hub “Smart Village", with branches in 4 governorates (Alexandria, Assiut, Ismailia & Mansoura).


  • Why ITI

    ITI towards Innovation

    The ITI Innovation Strategy is based upon the collaboration among individual capabilities, industry expertise, academic references, andcommunity drivers to utilize and enhance knowledge to be able to produce higher value-added solutions goods and services for the sake of national sustainable development. This could be achieved through the launch of ITI Centers of Excellence.

    20 Years of Excellence in IT Capacity Building

    ITI has been a pioneer in investing and building a sustainable pool of skilled individuals, by setting up state-of-the-art programs. ITI was keen to develop new generations of professionals, enhance existing capabilities and address new trends and directions. New generations equipped with the top-notch IT technologies would foster the Egyptian knowledge-based economy.

    Industry Support

    Collaboration with business is one of the corner stones of the Institute's vision. Through the Knowledge transfer program KTP Private Sector companies are providing sponsorship to students, financially or through technical consultations to relevant studies, and more often providing them with employment opportunities after their courses' completion.
  • Capacity Building

    Undergraduate Training Program “EDUEgypt”

    Postgraduate Training
    “9-Month Scholarship Diploma”

    Youth Development Program for Egyptian governorates
    “Train The Trainer”
  • ITI Branches

    ITI - Head Quarter

    Alexandria Branch

    Mansoura Branch

    Assiut Branch

    Ismallia Branch

 Smart Village - 28 Km by Cairo / Alexandria Desert Road - 6 October - Building B148

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