Our Vision

Become a leading reference for development the cadres and young professional leaders in information and communication technology sector.

Our Mission

Excellence in developing human cadres and providing specialized consultation services for individuals and entities in the information and communication technology domain. Support designing and developing models and prototypes to meet the socioeconomic technological development requirements. Continuously focusing on staff development and commitment to uphold responsibility toward applying the social values.

Our Values

People develop countries, so we develop P.E.O.P.L.E


We build-up a highly professional, effective, dynamic work environment, whereby we are mindful of creating value while embracing the profession standards.


We work in a highly demanding industry and a vibrant work environment. We are consistently challenged and motivated to fulfill & excel beyond our capabilities & allocated resources.


We believe in a world with no borders where ideas and knowledge have no limits. We believe in the power of a diversified group of people united by one vision. We adopt an open window to all possibilities and anticipations.


We are driven by passion, committed in heart and mind. We do what we love and we love what we do. Self satisfaction and elation embrace our life with ITI as interns, staff, as well as, graduates and partners.


We are loyal to our identity, community, industry and country. We are committed by the ITI’s heritage to create a valuable impact enabling and empowering our beneficiaries, partners and the ICT ecosystem in Egypt and the world.

Extra Mile

We believe in going the extra mile stamping our work with excellence, leaving our figure-prints flavoring our work. We believe in the magic created when everyone brings along their personal flavor to the table.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to always empower Egyptian talents, as they are the future of this country. We will stop at nothing until we fulfill this goal.


ITI studies annually the global wave of ICT by monitoring the international market trends and directions, and conducting regular focus groups with the expert houses and industry leaders to best reflect and integrate the latest top-notch technologies in the ITI’s dynamic human capacity building programs and hands-on practices, while responding to the local and regional demand variations.


ITI maintains a strong relation with the public, private and citizen sector with complementing assets and competencies, to achieve the ecosystem maximum efficiency and full engagement. The institute has a wide network of partners from the industry, academia and the community, whereby ITI acts as the pioneer source of professional up-to-date skills and as a key linchpin in knowledge transfer and technology acceleration.


As a service organization, affiliate to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the customer's interest is at the heart of the Institute. ITI’s customer segment is the youth spanning from K12 to talented university students and graduates in the dynamic Egyptian governorates.

ITI Affiliation

The Information Technology Institute (ITI), first established in 1993 under the affiliation of the Egyptian Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center, with a mission to develop IT caliber to cater for the government's decision support functions, as well as the development of the ICT industry in Egypt. Camping on its success throughout the years, in 2005 the affiliation of the ITI moved to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as one of its main arms for ICT capacity building and industry development in Egypt. The MCIT strategy is to develop the ICT infrastructure and industry, transforming Egypt into a global digital hub. Information Technology Institute works to empower Egypt’s youth with the tools and skills needed to develop and live in a knowledge-based society, while using the ICT tools to boost the country’s competiveness, productivity and the national, regional & international development.

A word from the ITI Chairwoman

With sincere hopes, we welcome you to join our ITI family,While we are on the vantage of embracing the new group of intake 37 of the 9-Month Professional Scholarship Program, we are all looking ahead for a prosperous new year to bring out future generations determined and capable of crossing difficulties and borders to achieve their dreams. Learning for acquiring academic certificates in information technology is not anymore the final output interns aspire for when joining the ITI. It is learning to create, learning to innovate, and learning to produce coupled with our core values that stress on sincerity, integrity, creativity and giving back to our beloved Egypt. ITI generations in the previous intakes were able to contribute actively to the development of the ICT industry and to produce powerful impact on the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen using ICT. We encourage you to use the knowledge, challenge your thinking and capabilities and add to this continuum wealth of business professionalism, solution innovation, and entrepreneurial skills. We vow to make your stay at ITI a successful trip within your journey towards a successful career and life... Welcome on board!!

ITI Founders

Dr. Hisham El-Sherif Founder and Former Director of the Information and Decision Support Center

Dr. Nabil ElNady Former Deputy of Information and Decision Support Center

Dr. Nabil Saied Former ITI Chairman

Dr. Mohamed Salem Former Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Adopting International Training Standards

ITI always ensures that it leads the way in applying and creating the best practices in the areas of training management and capacity development. The Institute was the first training establishment worldwide to attain the third Level benchmark of Compatibility Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) certification. ITI also follows the quality and operational standards of the ISO 9000 certification ensuring optimum efficiency and effectiveness across all its operations. ITI actively promotes for referencing and standardizing Egypt's youth ICT skills and professions in order to:

  •  Promote for Egypt's ICT professional capabilities and capacities.
  •  Help extend employment opportunities in the international job markets.
  •  Support the continuous improvement of the ICT skills training.
  •  Fulfill ICT professional gaps between the national and international markets.