Program Goals & Career Training Targets

Different IT Specializations

Developing a base of professional IT trainers capable of implementing technology transfer programs in different IT specializations.

Latest Technology

Boosting university graduates with the latest information technology trends to accelerate their engagement in the IT labor market.

Advancing Productivity

Advancing the productivity and efficiency of IT users in various businesses for work automation, promotion and facilitation.

Enriching Undergraduates Knowledge

Enriching the knowledge of University undergraduates in niche IT areas of high market demand.

Professional IT Trainers

Professional IT trainers to enrich the training sector and promote the culture of information technology across Egypt.

Creative Young Cadres

Creative young cadres especially in niche areas of high demand in the ICT market.

Distinguished IT Business Users

Distinguished IT business users especially in small and micro enterprises using IT tools for work automation, work promotion and facilitation.

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