The CDP conducts various activities on universities’ campuses to attract students to take up a career in the ICT sector:
  • ICT Career Promotion Campaigns
    They are one-day mega ICT events organized in various Egyptian universities to promote for the different ICT career profiles to motivate and empower students to join the ICT sector. The ICT Career Promotion Campaigns comprise general and specialized sessions. The general sessions are presented by keynote speakers to enlighten students about the various ICT career paths, the skills needed to take up those careers and the various pathways available upon their graduation such as entrepreneurship and freelancing.
  • Job Skills Workshops
    These are custom-made specialized workshops conducted as part of the ICT Career Promotion Campaigns to university students to address thematic career-related skills.
  • Career Clinics
    The CDP prides itself on giving the utmost care to individuals as the valuable asset for which the whole Program has been established. Students register to have a one-on-one session with a specialist in many areas of interest. Based on the session a prescription is given to the candidate including his/her performance together with tips to take their skills to the target level that guarantees a first step toward securing their desired ICT jobs.
  • Career Guidance and Coaching Sessions
    These sessions assist university students to discover their dream career path in accordance to their skills, knowledge and educational background. University students apply online for the Career Guidance and Coaching sessions to be coached by one of the CDP’s professional coaches on a span of three months.
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities
    Through ITI’s vast network of partners, the CDP offers university students multiple apprenticeship opportunities in the ICT sector designed specially to enrich their knowledge and sharpen their skills during their academic studies.

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