Working in close cooperation with the local and international academic community, the Information Technology Institute enjoys strong ties several reputable academic organizations. Driven by a firm belief in the importance of industry academic collaboration, the institute is a hinge point linking professional and academic development. The Information Technology Institute views capacity development as a complete cycle of multiple ventures and opportunities. Thus, the institute has partnered with multiple reputable local and international academic establishments for joint accreditation in different areas. With highly reputable state of the art capacity development programs, the Institute’s certification granted for the Professional Training Program graduates is a highly recognized award in partner academic institutions. This enables graduates of the Professional Training Program to pursue their post graduate studies in several international academic establishments.

The University of Paderborn Germany, School of Engineering

Considered to be one of the world’s leading establishments in the area of mechatronics engineering, the University of Paderborn has a distinguished cooperation partnership with the Information Technology Institute. The joint cooperation started in 2002 with the objective of availing world-class post graduate engineering education for Egyptian engineers. The joint Master’s degree offers learners a unique blend of hands-on experience in addition to state of the art scientific knowledge, as well as practical training experience in leading German companies in the area of mechatronics.

Program Duration: The program consist of four semesters two of them in the ITI premises, while semester is undertaken in the University of Paderborn and one semester is undertaken as a practical hands-on semester in an industrial firm in Germany under the academic supervision of the University of Paderborn. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students will be awarded with an ITI Diploma and M.Eng. degree in Applied Mechatronics from the University of Paderborn. Completing the program entails a total duration of study in Germany of 15 months.

Tuition Fees: The tuition fees of the University of Paderborn changes annually based on the university rules & regulations. For updated information, Please contact the Head of International Academic Cooperation (Contact Details below).

Admission Requirements: Students successfully completing the Professional Training Program Diploma are eligible to apply for this program; additionally applicants must meet the admission requirements set by the University of Paderborn, School of Engineering. A Minimum grade of 70% in each module of the diploma program at ITI. German language study during training could be required as a pre-requisite to join the program. (Please Check program specific requirements here )

Contact:   Bishoy Louis Zaki / /  +235355673

The University of Waterloo Canada, School of the Virtual Incubation Program

ITI has grasped the need for the country to adapt and equip itself in facing swift change. It has expanded its outreach towards youth development and education, along with reinforcing innovation and entrepreneurship. That being said, ITI has partnered with the University of Waterloo in Canada to help cultivate the entrepreneurial culture among the ITI interns; through a sustainable environment to grow high caliber technopreneurs in Egypt, while influencing the economic state of Egypt, creating both employment and capital.Once in the program, the teams progress through several event-based gates. There is an online pitch competition, virtual investor pitch and a virtual investment committee competition. Each event is judged by panels comprised of program alumni and members of the local business community, with key representatives from strategic partners. This serves two functions. First, it provides feedback to the teams which helps them strengthen and develop their business concept. Following each event, teams are involved in a review providing feedback on the strengths and weaknesses apparent from their performance in the competition. To continue to the next gate, a venture must reach an acceptable level of performance based on pre-defined judging criteria (see below) with a set numbers of retries allowed. If the venture fails to progress past a gate after its allowed number of attempts, it exits the program.

Program Duration: 

Tuition Fees: 

Admission Requirements:  (Please Check program specific requirements here )

Contact:   Bishoy Louis Zaki / /  +235355673