Professional Capacity Building Scholarship
9-Month Professional Diploma

The ITI 9-Month Professional Training Program is offered as a full-fledged scholarship by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology through the Information Technology Institute for selected Egyptian university graduates within five calendar years of their graduation. In addition, it is a well-known Capacity Development program both locally and internationally. It was specially made for students to offer them a world-class ICT training, enabling them for lucrative job opportunities in Egypt and regional ICT markets, as it has qualified over 15,000 ICT professionals representing over 30% of the Egyptian ICT sector. Each year more than 25 tracks like Embedded Systems, IOT, Big Data, Game Development, Animation & Film making, etc… are available. Due to its high quality standards, several international universities like University of Paderborn in Germany and Egypt – Japan University of Science and Technology, accredit 9-Month program as a pre-master’s degree. Likewise, the employability rates of this Program exceeds 80% before even receiving their grades. Calls for Applications Open: Next July Read More

Short-Programs Capacity Building Scholarship
Intensive Training Programs - ITP

The Intensive Training Programs aim to maximize awareness and knowledge outreach and to promote the ICT culture across Egypt and its remote suburbs. ITP target undergraduates, fresh university graduates, as well as, both IT and non-IT businesses to fill the gap in the specific needs and applications of IT for each segment. ITP programs are delivered in partnership with universities, global training organizations and leading technology providers.  Calls for Applications Open: Every Month Read More

Introductory to Information Technology
ITEgypt 1o1

An introductory course in computer science and information technology for university freshman students of all majors. The course aims to develop the computational thinking analytical skills, introduce the students to information technology fundamentals, and prepare the students for the digital job market. It also aims to introduce the students to the booming technology trends as related to their discipline. This program is divided into three teaching modules with separate learning objective for each module. (Informatics and Computational Thinking, Digital Literacy, Tech Trends and IT career Development) Calls for Applications Open: 14-02-2018 Read More

Success Stories (2007-2016)
Education Development Program for the Universities in Egypt – EDUEgypt

EDUEgypt Project was launched in 2007 for 7 years and it has supported capacity development for Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES). The program also extended to include along with the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), other specializations in the IT Outsourcing (ITO) field in the faculties of Computers and Information Science and the consultancy services industry in the pharmaceutical field. EDUEgypt outreached to 45,000+ university students throughout 54 Faculties in 16 National Universities. Now the Career Development Program (CDP) is continuing the journey EDUEgypt started. Calls for Applications Open: None Read More