Formulating Capacity Building Strategies

Information Technology Institute undertakes its human capacity building aspirations throughout a set of strategies, reflecting potential areas of the ICT sector; and aiming to enable the development of a knowledge-based society and a strong information economy relying on equitable and affordable access to knowledge, digital rights and the development of a competitive, innovative national ICT industry.

HCB Strategy for the Electronics industry

The development of the strategy framework included a number of stages that resulted firstly in the identification of the various main stakeholders and key players who have an important role in affecting the development of the human capital for the electronic industry, and are strongly affected by the current capacity and spectrum of skills, and expertise. Consequently; ITI developed EDUTronics that is a comprehensive training program that aims at bridging the gap between the skills of the Egyptian young engineers and the ever-growing need of competence in the work force.

HCB Strategy for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an industry of great potential and opportunities, whereby ITI and its partners are working to collectively renovate this industry in Egypt; while investing in a wide range of distinguished calibers from the Egyptian universities’ students throughout a series of initiatives. Capacity building strategy imperatively focuses on the awareness, culture change and training strategy of Egypt to adopt the cloud computing. The strategy targets the three main pillars of Egyptian economy; government, industry, and the academic sector.

Consultation and Support

ITI continuously identifies and adapts ICT trends which have significant disruptive potential, rapidly advancing technologies with broad impact and significant value through its various national initiatives and programs. ITI Consultation Services provide the ICT community and industry with a wide array of technical and management support, including needs assessment, strategic thinking and planning for new system’s needs, implementation and change management based on a selective process conducted by the ITI staff.

The Institute's reputation in consultation services has been gained through years of industry coaching and support, especially in the early phases of penetration of new technologies in the market, or in the adoption of the technologies in government and public institutions. The clusters activities mainly focus on:

  • Awareness on the latest tools, technologies, and trends for the industry academia.

  • Advanced professional skills development for business and senior professional.

  • Consultancy services and collaboration networking and development for human capital organizations and development firms.

  • Fostering innovation and community engagement through partnership development projects, as well as, national and international initiatives.

Capacity Development Academy

The institute’s firm belief in the importance of developing the human factor in its capacity as the driver of evolution and growth mixed with its extensive experience in touching and transforming millions of individuals worldwide has led to the establishment of ITI’s Capacity Development Academy. This evolutionary extension to the Institute’s acumen and capabilities is set out to act as a beacon, reference point and active actuator in all disciplines concerned with Human Development Sciences, Technology, Innovation, and the realization of human and technological potential through the development of skills and competencies.