With over 22 years of Experience and Excellence in Capacity Development, Strategy Creation and consultancy; ITI has taken upon itself to engage in developmental partnerships with brotherly African countries as well as other developing countries through constructive and ambitious South-to-South projects. The Institute aims to capitalize on its experience to lead developmental initiatives aiming at empowering the ICT sector through the provision of qualified human cadres in various technologies and competency areas. This in turn aims to qualify individuals to fill existing job vacancies and develop the human infrastructure to catalyze the ICT sector growth and create new job opportunities. Additionally, the Institute focuses on application of ICT training to concepts, ideas and innovation that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life. Such engagement takes place in different forms including direct capacity development initiatives, Center of Excellence Establishment, Human Capacity Building strategy creation among several other consulting, advisory and executive roles.

federal republic of somalia

In the line with Egypt’s Strategy focus on generating a promising African collaboration to carry the leadership torch within all technological trends, and possess profound awareness with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by African countries, the decision was conducting different training workshops to build up the African youth leaders.

ITI designed a comprehensive workshops for talented young Somalians in cooperation with UNDP to turn their innovative ideas and development solutions into start-ups and social enterprises.

Success stories under the umbrella of the national Somalian initiative ‘Future Ready’, ITI provided a valuable intensive workshops for young Somalian men and women to grasp their dreams of making it in the high-tech industry.

ITI provided different sessions and interactive field visits in the latest technology trends such as Web and Mobile applications, Cyber Security, Software Quality Assurance and Internet of Things.

Different workshops tap into the talents of Somalian youth and helps to build their capacities to find technical solutions to the challenges they face, including new and innovative ways to achieve Egypt Strategy Goals.

the republic of uganda

EDUganda is the fruit of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Egyptian and Ugandan Ministries of ICT in the year 2012. The agreement aims to train and develop 3,000 Ugandans on Outsourcing and Offshoring (O&O) skills capitalizing on Egypt’s experience in the O&O industry. The project is implemented in cooperation between the Egyptian Information Technology Institute (ITI) and the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-u). Implementing EDUganda is carried out over five main phases that are:

  1. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  2. Pilot Implementation
  3. Knowledge Transfer
  4. Train of the Trainers (TOT)
  5. Supervision and Handholding

the republic of djibouti

The Egyptian Djiboutian Capacity Acceleration Initiative (EDCA) is an ambitious, high momentum cooperation between the Information Technology Institute (ITI) and the Djiboutian Ministries of Communications and Higher Education. EDCA is an extension to ITI’s commitment to South to South cooperation and particularly within African countries. Capitalizing on the Institute’s experience in the area of Capacity Development and Consultancy for technology adoption as well as the strong bilateral ties between Egypt and Djibouti … EDCA was born.

The cooperation between ITI and the Djiboutian ministries aims to apply the Institute’s experience to the high potential ICT sector and Market of the Republic of Djibouti. Having said so; the cooperation aims to boost activities in three main lines that are :

  1. Creation of an Egyptian Djiboutian Capacity Development Centre of Excellence in Djibouti to serve as a capacity development hub for creating a sustainable flow of talent to the Djiboutian ICT market.
  2. Providing Human Capacity Development in the area of ICT for the Djiboutian public and private sector stakeholders to alleviate and enhance the Djiboutian ICT sector Capacity.
  3. Providing consultancy and strategic framework assistance to the Djiboutian Ministry of ICT in the area of Capacity Development strategies specifically targeting the acceleration of market growth.

The eagerness to cooperate was formalized through signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both parties in the Djiboutian Capital in January 2015 serving as a Launchpad for the activities to be conducted under the umbrella of EDCA.

the republic of eritrea

Training for employees from the Eritrean Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Post in the year 2011. This training included awareness sessions and workshops in the area of Outsourcing and Offshoring in which the Institute has leading experience in. Additionally training workshops were conducted in the areas of Security and Networking Fundamentals.

the republic of sudan

E-Learning Pilot Project : capitalizing on the Institute’s experience in the area of capacity development and its E-Learning Centre of Excellence (CoE); ITI has engaged with the Sudanese Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to conduct and demonstrate a distant learning pilot in the Sudanese Al-Ahfad University. The pilot included full design and setup of the E-Learning system and its application in a real life University setting in the year 2012. The pilot was met with astounding success and appreciation from the Sudanese side.

the republic of burundi

A training program was designed and conducted for employees from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The program included training on Networking Fundamentals and Security and took place in the year 2012.