Business Partnerships

As part of its commitment to the ICT industry, the Institute focuses on supporting the human resources capacity building, and the technology and knowledge development of the companies leading the ICT industry through :

  • ITI KTP Program – ITI's Knowledge Transfer Partnership program for offering on-demand professional training through the 9-Month Professional Diploma to develop the companies' potential new hires. At the end of the 9-Month Professional Diploma, ITI organizes and hosts its acclaimed annual employment fair where multinational corporations, SMEs and startups are invited to hunt their desired calibers from the ITI interns.
  • ITI- Entrepreneurship Program: ITI is on a continuous search for potential partners that support the less travelled roads from entrepreneurship and innovation, through inviting aspiring startups to hunt their dream.
  • Professional Training and Knowledge Development for the companies' staff through the Institute's Technology Clusters services.
  • Conventions and Collaborations – periodic and on-demand, such as forums, seminars and workshops for collaboration and knowledge exchange among the academia, government and industry experts.
Contact:  Bishoy Louis Zaki / /   +235355514

Academic Partnerships

The institute undertakes its capacity development vision through wide-ranging endeavors that represent potential ICT sectors. Furthermore; ITI believes in the knowledge-based community that empowers all citizens with the IT knowledge and tools and hence an equitable and affordable access to knowledge, digital rights and the development of a competitive, innovative national ICT industry.

In this aspect, ITI works closely with its Academia partners. The 9-Month Professional Diploma is accredited by several international universities as a pre-master’s degree. These Universities include the University of Paderborn in Germany and the Dublin Institute of Technology of Ireland and Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology. The Institute collaborates as well with the leading national ICT bodies to participate in integrating all national efforts towards the development of a strong ICT industry. The Partnership with the IT Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities is one key strategic partnership with the main objectives of :

  • Developing professional trainers with the desired knowledge and capacity through staff knowledge exchange programs.
  • Promoting youth innovation and leadership national initiatives.
  • Continuously studying and enriching the academic education content and delivery methods.
Contact:  Bishoy Louis Zaki / /   +235355514